There are many reasons why you might want to start your own website. Of course, just starting a website is no guarantee of success on the internet. There are literally millions of other websites out there all vying for a piece of the action.

In your industry, there is competition locally and globally all trying to gain access to the people you are trying to market to. This is when you will need to make sure that you have the best possible website for your money. You will enjoy much better success this way.

There are three things that you will need to consider whenever you are starting a website. You need to make sure that you know who your website is being made for. You will also need to know how you can market to them.

Additionally, you will need to make sure that your website is accessible to those that you are trying to market to. This will allow you to have the kinds of results that will result in greater profits and the best results.

Learning Your Core Demographic

websiteEvery business needs to know who they are selling to. This is also known as your core demographic. Just because you are online, it does not mean that you are marketing your business any differently in this regard. Try to figure out who will buy your products and services and why it is important to them.

The most important things to figure out is how old this group is, what their interests are and why they would be interested in your company over others in your market.


Marketing to Your Clients Effectively

Once you know who you are selling to, you will need to know how to capture their attention. The website can do this adequately if it speaks to the needs of the individual client.

Make sure that you not only have the right kind of content on the website, but that you also have the kind of pictures and videos on your website that will speak to your core demographic. Whenever possible, you should make sure that you are creating content that will go on other sites related to your industry to post information and articles that will link back to your site.


Making Your Website Easily Accessible

websiteAll of the posturing and marketing will not mean anything if your website will crash every time it is accessed by a massive group of people. If you are using managed VPS hosting, you will be protected from this because they will have a higher bandwidth that protects against the possibility of a crash.

Just make sure that you are able to get the right amount of space on the host so that your website will be accessible and can be expanded in order to benefit fully from managed VPS hosting. It is important, though, that you explore all available hosting options to find the best fit for your needs, not just managed VPS hosting.

Following these guidelines will allow you to have the most successful website for your money. Keep in mind that the more money you pour into your website, the more it will return.

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The fast paced, hurried world of today seems to be all about function, efficiency and speed. Unfortunately, in a lot of instances excellent customer service has fallen by the wayside in this quest for quickness. Don’t be fooled. This drop in customer service excellence has not escaped notice by the consumer. Consumers are tired of paying good money to be herded through like cattle and treated with little regard. Even in this downward economy they are willing to pay a little more to be treated with value. It is because of this that the impression your business makes at each of its Point of Service contacts is vital in the quest for returning customers.

So how can you provide excellent customer service?

Excellent customer service goes beyond having quality, functional equipment.It is also very much about the human aspect. Below are some basic techniques to provide quality customer service that are often overlooked in the retail industry at the POS position:

  • Stay positive and defuse a possibly explosive situation. Too often it is easier to react in a negative manner rather than with an understanding and compassionate response. Reacting to an angry customer with negativity and disinterest to their problem only fuels their anger. Train your associates to treat customers concerns with respect and understanding customer-servicewithout being patronizing, no matter how menial the complaint may seem, or how rude the customer may be behaving out of anger or frustration. This will both calm the customer down and make them feel valued. Once a customer feels valued, their behavior will normally return to a respectful, cooperative state of mind. They just want to feel heard and have their concern addressed in a positive manner.
  • Never speak negatively about other customers or associates in front of or to a customer. No matter how ridiculous a situation may have seemed, or how much you dislike someone, don’t express these feelings to customers. Doing so could leave the customer you are talking to wondering what you say about them behind their back. Or they may even know the person you are talking about and tell them what was said. All associates should be trained to act professionally at ALL times.
  • Greet every customer, whether in person or on the phone, with a sincere smile. People can tell when someone is putting on a front, and immediately put up their own defenses in return. Everyone has a bad day from time to time and your associates are no exception. However it is important for your associates to remember the customer standing in front of them may be having just as bad of a day as they are, if not worse. It can be difficult to step outside of what is going on in our own worlds sometimes. But, it is a crucial piece to good customer service to leave our own issues at home or in the break room while we are attending to customers, because in the long run it is the customer that keeps the doors open.
  • End each interaction with a pleasant, “Have a nice day.” Or “Come back soon.” When things are busy it is easy to simply move on to the next customer as a transaction is complete, leaving an incomplete feel to the interaction. By not concluding the interaction in some manner, you completely void any sense of sincerity that any pleasantries that were made were real, making the customer feel half serviced.

By training your staff to provide excellent customer service, you are increasing your customer base and establishing your business as a customer oriented company. How does excellent customer service increase your business’ customer base?

It does this in two ways, it establishes a rapport with your current customers making them want to return and secondly this rapport will create positive word of mouth for your business, bringing in new customers. Never underestimate the power of word of mouth. For some businesses word of mouth can make or break their bottom line.

So, when looking for ways to improve your POS experience don’t just look at the mechanical elements. Make sure to also focus on the human elements, by doing so you will increase your customer base and your bottom line.

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marketingNot every company has the budget for massive ad campaigns. But that doesn’t necessarily mean missing out on your slice of the pie.

Throwing money at a problem can’t always fix it, and oftentimes simpler and more innovative ideas can bring in more customers, create repeat customers, and build credibility.

Simple ideas like sending out Christmas ecards, offering credit instead of coupons, and becoming a matchmaker can increase your sales.

Becoming a Matchmaker

Businesses can sometimes fall too far into the competitive mindset hiding in their high castle unwilling to cooperate with others around them for fear of aiding the competition.

This might be appropriate at times, but the key to building a loyal following is trust. If your customers can see that you have their best interests in mind, this is a powerful boon for building loyalty.

Here’s the Idea:

Keep stacks of business cards from colleagues, clients, associates, and complementary businesses. Hand these out liberally when you think the recipient might benefit from the services offered.

The most important part: Stick a label to the back of each business card saying, “Referred by [Your Company Name]”.

This works twofold. Your name and helpfulness sticks in the recipient’s brain, and the person or company you referred them to won’t forget the favor.

Check out Do You Suck at Referring? if you’re one of those people who gets referrals but never takes the time to thank the person/company doing the referring.

Sending Out Christmas Ecards

Successful marketing often relies on frequency and consistency. People will remember to call on you in their time of need if you consistently reach out to them. Some businesses do this with newsletters or other direct mailings. But sending out sincere and professional Christmas ecards every year is a great gesture that will keep you in the minds of your clients.

Here’s the Idea:

marketingThis is a simple task that only needs doing once a year, but you better do it with finesse because the point is to make a memorable impression. Make sure your ecards are professional, elegant, uncluttered, and sincere. Your client list is one of your most valuable assets. Don’t let it go to waste.

Giving Out Credit In Lieu of Coupons

It can sometimes be good to send out a slew of coupons or advertise a limited-time price reduction. This can garner a lot of positive attention, but there is a downside. Customers can simply take your coupon or advertisement to a competitor of choice, and oftentimes the competitor will match your prices to avoid losing a sale.

Here’s the Idea:

For clients who haven’t been buying in a while (or any client for that matter), send out personalized letters offering credit on their account. This way the client sees your personal touch and is drawn in by the “free money” you are offering. And they can only spend this imaginary money with you.

There are many simple and inexpensive marketing tactics that can have great returns if you put in the effort and apply consistently. The 3 ideas presented here are just the tip of the ice berg.

Now, go take one action today to market yourself. It could be as simple as exchanging business cards with someone and a small conversation or sitting down and setting up one of the ideas mentioned above. Good luck.

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We all hear that the quality of the content on any website or blog is the key to loyal and consistent readers. This is the absolute truth. If you haven’t updated your website in a while and the content that it contains has become outdated then you will not be seeing much traffic on your webpage.

The key to get more traffic is by making sure that the style and tone of the content is simple and easy to understand. This is because people hate reading blogs and articles that require too much thinking, at least in the general sense. Only special newsletters and magazine use that kind of writing for a literate/scholarly audience.

Gauging the Readers

contentThe first and most important thing you must know when writing and posting an article is to know the audience. If you don’t know who is going to read the articles or whom the articles are intended for, you will not be able to produce the right kind of content.

For example: Time Magazine or Business Week Magazine would publish articles on their online blogs in a sophisticated and professional manner because that is the kind of audience that they aim to cater to, however a blog for geckos or hip hop music would be filled with urban slang and references that normal people may not be able to understand.

It is a simple and ancient concept; produce what is needed for your buyer, not for the whole world. If someone who wants to know about the current economy and business world logs on to a business week blog, he will be able to understand and comprehend all that’s there, here urban slang would be completely absurd to use.


contentIn a lot of cases article writing requires the use of abbreviations. This becomes a problem in network blogging where almost every technical term is an abbreviation for something. People may end up opening a separate window just to figure out what the abbreviation means and that becomes a hassle sometimes. So whenever you use abbreviations or something of the sort, make sure that it is completely expressed at least once in the entire article, preferably the first time.

Made Headings, Paragraphs And Bullets

It is well known that these days people who research online, hate reading lengthy articles. Instead they are looking for short simple articles divided into headings that give the reader a just idea on what is going on without having to look for it in long and endless sentences. The use of bullets and sub headings is also beneficial as they help the reader quickly summarize the essential points of the content.

Limit The Length

As said before, people hate reading long and wordy articles. Instead they prefer short and precise content that requires little or no concentration. To do this always limit the length of the article to something near 500 words. This is not written in stone as it depends completely on the target audience. Newspaper readers and blogs normally tend to have 500-1000 word articles whereas encyclopedias and research articles go for even longer lengths. Your website content is essential to your website promotion. 

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Running an office is usually something that needs to be done in the right manner if you are to benefit from it at all. If you have an office that largely depends on technology to run, you will need to make sure that you pay attention to this as much as you can. One of the things you will need to address is how to make sure that the chances of software and hardware failures are minimum. Some of the ways of doing this include:

Choose high quality technology

The key to reducing the amount of frustration that you have to go through when running an office is making sure that you use the right kind of technology to run it. This means making sure that you are careful when choosing the kind of software and hardware that you will be running in the office. For instance, instead of choosing such items at random, you need to do all you can to find out what works and what does not, so that you avoid ending up with technology that will fail you at some point in time. If you do this, the chances of you needing different kinds of support will reduce, and this means that you will be able to run the office more smoothly.

Make sure that you get quality support

One of the things you will need to be keen on when you are choosing such technology is making sure that it comes with quality support. Of course, it has been said that if you choose technologyhigh quality technology there may not be much need for support. However, for those few moments when the technology may fail you, it is important to have quality support so that you don’t get stuck for too long. Remember, when you are in such a position, your business will basically be paralyzed, and this means that you will not be making as much profits as you should. It is therefore in your best interests to fix such issues as quickly as possible.

By making sure that you get support services that you can rely on such as Microsoft support, you can easily ensure that you do this without any worries at all. In summary, the kind of technology you get for use in such a setting is critical. If you are careful about getting the best, chances are that you will be more than impressed by it in the end.

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Almost the entire Search Engine Optimization world is watching with anxious eyes as Google prepares to roll out yet another update to their infamous “Panda” portion of their famous algorithm. Google’s Head of Search Spam, Matt Cutts, was quoted this week stating that the search engine giant will roll out yet another algorithm update – dubbed an update to February 2011’s “Panda” updates – that will negatively impact sites that are deemed lower quality.

In short, the Panda initiative from Google is aimed at improving users’ experiences across the internet. It directly attacks websites that it determines to provide poor user experiences, stemming mainly from on-page elements. Panda’s cousin update, Penguin, is the section of the algorithm that examines off-page elements, such as link farms and link purchases. Penguin is expected to have a major update this month or next month as well.

PandaPanda first unrolled in 2011, and impacted over ten percent of all search results. The major algorithm update has been updated many times since its first unveiling, but is set for its first major update of 2013. So while webmasters everywhere are scrambling to ensure their Search Engine Optimization campaigns are still working and their rankings aren’t harmed, here are the three ways that sites will be impacted:

Thin content leads to decreases

Websites with “thin content” will find themselves hit hard by the impending Panda update. Thin content can come in a few different forms:

  • A website without many pages or posts (ie. Just a homepage, nothing else)
  • A website with a bunch of pages but little content on each page (ie. Less than 300 words per page)
  • A website without much original content, and instead aggregating from other sources (ie. RSS scrapers)

Panda chases after sites with poor or thin content, so these sites will be some of the hardest hit.

PandaBounce rates become more important

Since Panda is an update aimed at improving the user experience across the internet, bounce rates are becoming ever more important. A “bounce” is defined as a user visiting just one page of a website before deciding to leave, showing that they didn’t find what they were looking for or didn’t find the content engaging enough. Panda wants website owners to create good user experiences with engaging content, so websites with high bounce rates will see drops in their rankings.

Over optimization will hurt

To go along with thin content, poor content will hurt a website’s rankings as well. Poor content is easy to spot for the search engines because it’s often over-optimized. Instead of optimizing for users, far too often people optimize their content for the search engines by stuffing their keywords into the content in a way that doesn’t make sense to a reader. Keyword density reveals this very easily, and will point out a bad website.


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Let’s say you’ve created a Facebook brand page and you’ve decided to buy Facebook fans. Congratulation! You are surely on your way to success. However, you must keep your fans engaged by posting updates regularly. That is the normal concept, but it involves a lot more effort. It is not easy to please fans or internet users of today, so, you have to find a unique way of attracting and engaging Facebook users. Your goal is to keep them interested in your page by coming up with more fun ways to engage them. Therefore, we shall be looking at five ways to improve your Facebook engagement.

Post Brand Related Subjects

Speaking about subjects related to your brand is one good way to engage your readers. It can be messages about the particular products/services or about the brand. Remember, some of the fans that would like your page will do that because they are interested in the product or brand. This is why you must keep them updated about the products/services or brand.

A Call to Action

increase-facebook-engagementIn all your post, you must include a call to action phrase in order to get facebook fans. If your goal is to generate likes, then you should post a clear call to action, for example “like this if….”. Likewise, if your goal is to get your readers to comment, you should ask a question in the post or encourage your readers to leave a comment. Getting your fans to comment on your post is very important. Facebook uses an algorithm known as Edgerank to determine the importance of a status update. When your fans post comments in response to a status update, your page will rank high on Edgerank and Facebook will display your update to more people. This is probably another reason why you must try hard to engage your fans.

Make good use of Pictures and Videos

No doubt, internet users of today love to watch videos. For example, if you own a restaurant, it would be good to post some pictures of food items or cuisine that your audience would find interesting. You can also post relevant videos that provide your audience advice on how to find the best restaurants. Studies have shown that the most engaging type of content was photos. Photos are easy and instant with no thinking or reading required. You can use photos and videos to engage facebook users who are incredibly lazy.

Address the needs of your fans

facebookFans do not like page admins that keep posting the same status updates over and over again. You can draw the attention of your fans by asking relevant questions you want your target audience to answer. Give your audience answers to choose from. You can use this technique to find out what your audience likes and dislikes.

Contests and Giveaways

Some companies use these methods to get audience to participate on their page. You can take advantage of these opportunities as well. Do something unique and creative that will get your fans to participate. If you’ve just launched a new product, you can promote a contest where you are giving away free gadgets or similar items.

Roman Sahakov is the CEO of The company pose as a back-up to both newbies and experts in business, showbiz, etc. by helping them get more facebook likes and other social metrics. Frozzo marketing company is well known and trusted company in this sphere.

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Content is king of seo

As John Doherty mentions at the beginning of his article most people say that they are light on budget and how can you create great content without a budget?

Read this article we have scoured the blogospere to find for you on today’s hot topic – Content is King!

Producing Great Content with No Budget

by John Doherty

One of the most common questions I hear in Internet Marketing circles when talking about content is “But what about when you do not have a budget?” This is usually preceded by “But you can’t create content without a budget!”

I do not believe this to be so. Today let’s talk about how you can create content depending on the resources available to you.

I’m tired of the excuses. You have three kinds of equity – time, talent, and money. Time/talent do not require money when put together.

Three Types of Equity

There are three types of equity that you can spend to produce anything:




You need at least one of these, and usually two put together in order to create anything of value. Also, the point should be made that you don’t need to have all of these. Hiring a firm with talent gets the job done just as well.

Here are the intersections:


Three of the four permutations here do involve money, yes. But this is not equal shares of money and the other factor. Sometimes, the circles can look thus:

Let’s drill down into each of the three and also look at some examples of content that have been produced by the different combinations of time, talent, and money. The point is not that you don’t need any money at all ever. The point is that no matter what, you are spending some sort of equity on everything you produce, and not everything requires money.

Time + Talent + Money

This trio is undeniably the holy grail of production and will make your life the easiest. With time to invest into the work, as well as the talent to do it well, and money to spend, you can produce content that is well research (time), well designed (talent), and and can hire people to do both of those and potentially push it out as well.

We should also note that the same person does not have to expend all three. In many cases, the client will pay the money, the designer/creator will expend time and talent, and someone (possibly the client or the creator, but probably a marketer/SEO) will push the content out. Money can knock down the amount of time needed, and it can undeniably purchase someone with a lot of talent.

Some examples:

Dollar Shave Club (produced expensively, took time to film but not as much as it would have if they had not had any money, took money to push through BBH)


The New York Times released a series of visualizations around the US election back in November. One of my favorites was the Electoral Map visualization –


Time + Talent

Needed when: you do not have money

Another combination of equity is time and talent. If you possess both of these, you’ll be able to create anything that is within your talent wheelhouse. There’s no need to spend money on external resources, since you or your team possess all the required skills to produce as well as push the piece.

The kicker with this combination, of course, is that it will take considerably more time to produce this content than if you had money as well, because you will need to be doing other work that pays the bills while you produce it.

We should note, though, that the more talented the producer is, the quicker it can be produced. If you, an inexperienced graphic designer, set out to produce a logo, you’ll take longer to produce it and will probably need to go through multiple iterations. If you are an experienced logo graphic designer, you will be able to do it faster and will probably have fewer iterations before it is right.

Some examples:

I’ll use our own Excel Guide here, because it took Mike Pantoliano 30+ hours of blood, sweat, and tears:


Or, we could cite the OKcupid blog, OKtrends, which for a while produced posts full of data and great writing. These posts, according to this Quora thread, took 50+ hours each. Time is money, and time is equity:


Content like this may take longer to get the same return as content that has an outreach budget behind it, but it can still get there in regards to links and visibility.

Remember that a lot of outreach channels don’t require money either, just investment of time to leverage those channels well. You can leverage social media, email marketing, SEO, and any of the other inbound marketing channels with enough time on your hands. The biggest expenditure of time will be building these audiences, such as an email list or social following. But you can leverage content to do this as well, and each time you do another campaign you have a greater chance of success for a cheaper time cost.

Time + Money

Needed when: you don’t have talent.

If you have time and money, you don’t need the talent yourself. You can hire that talent from an outside source to produce it for you. Or, you can take the time to develop the talent yourself.

If you have enough budget and a set amount of time, you can produce a lot of quality content as long as you’re willing to pay for it. You can also make the content to further quicker, as you’ll be able to leverage multiple channels like:




Paid discovery (Outbrain, FB ads, StumbleUpon, Paid Search)

Of course, as you smart readers are undoubtedly thinking, you can do some of the paid channels cheaper than others. So what’s your budget?

Let’s say you have $100. You can’t get something decent done for that, but you can buy 1000s of Stumbles for that amount of money, which gets your content in front of more eyes. And if you have $100 a month moving forward, you can leverage a couple different channels and extend the longevity of the content (as long as it’s evergreen, which is a good idea for low budget content).

One example to get your thinking going is Sortable, who have found a way to make product reviews sexy, which makes their money go further as it has been done in a scaleable way by investing in good design, not a one-off piece of content. Basically, every product page is a data visualization:


Money + Talent

Needed when: you don’t have time but need to get a quality piece out.

Money and talent are the two types of equity you can use when you don’t have time, and you’ll need both in plentiful amounts to minimize the amount of time needed to get the content out with decent quality.

In this configuration, money allows you to buy whatever resources you need both for production and promotion of content. With a large budget, you’re able to:

  • Produce more (if time is not a factor) or better content
  • Promote on more channels and quicker

Talent allows you to up the quality and speed with which your content is produced. The higher your talent, or your hired gun’s, the faster you’ll be able to produce content of the same quality as a lesser skilled individual.

Some of my favorite examples of content that took money and talent:

The Simply Business guide to WordPress for small businesses:


Or how about this visualization from the Washington Post:


By the way, Visually has a great collection of election visualizations that had to be produced in a very timely manner.

An Attitude of Risk

Will Critchlow talked at Searchlove Boston (his talk was the impetus for this post) about Inbound Marketing On A Shoestring. One of his points was that to produce awesome content without a budget, you have to have “balls”, otherwise known as an attitude of taking risks that could have an outsized return but might not work.

Risk is a different sort of equity than money or time. It’s more akin to talent, and is an attitude. When you are constrained by time, money, and talent (or access to talent), you must dream big to take a risk.

One example of this is, who run experiences for groups in the UK. They have pulled many stunts over the past few months, including offering a fake lunch with British Prime Minister David Cameron for £250K. Their most recent stunt, which was covered by the Daily Mail has caused a lot of controvery because they allow people to practice fighting riot police.


If you’re an SEO, you’ll like this link graph:


read more on…

I like to think that if you are a serious SEO then you have a combination of the above requirements – Money, Time or Talent. If you have a deficiency in all three areas then you have serious problems. You had also better go out and acquire all three of the above except you might just need one or two of the above to go out and acquire them!

When we are talking to potential clients they are also going to be doing the same calculations except they are going to be trading their money for your time and talent providing it makes financial sense to them. If your time and talent can produce a good ROI on their investment then you will have a new client.

Content is king but it needn’t cost a king’s ransom. Utilizing your time and your talents and maybe thinking outside of the box, can return the results you want.

Thanks for your time, for John Doherty’s talent and happy writing!


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SEO Services - who needs them?People often wonder why their website receives so few visitors without any SEO efforts being made. I mean I built it, they’ll come, won’t they?

Well unless we’re talking baseball fields, no they won’t, as you probably already know if you are reading this. Unless you can pay at least as much attention to getting your website in front of people as you did designing and building it, you are going to be one very disappointed website owner.

SEO-servicesYou see, the basics of online business are just the same as offline business, it’s a numbers game. The more visitors you have, the more people you have looking at your site, generally translates into the more money you are going to make from your website.

Ok so knowing we need more visitors to our site, is not exactly a major breakthrough in business consultancy advice. Tell me how we do that, I hear you scream.

Well that’s where SEO comes in (search engine optimization).

What’s SEO I hear you ask? (Yes I am getting treatment for these voices in my head, just some light medication at this stage)

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of affecting the visibility of a website or a web page in a search engine’s “natural” or un-paid (“organic”) search results. In general, the earlier (or higher ranked on the search results page), and more frequently a site appears in the search results list, the more visitors it will receive from the search engine’s users.

As an Internet marketing strategy, SEO considers how search engines work, what people search for, the actual search terms or keywords typed into search engines and which search engines are preferred by their targeted audience. Optimizing a website may involve editing its content, HTML and associated coding to both increase its relevance to specific keywords and to remove barriers to the indexing activities of search engines. Promoting a site to increase the number of backlinks, or inbound links, is another SEO tactic.


SEO-agencySearch engines have evolved immensely and continue to do so at an amazing rate, but they still cannot read and interpret a web page the same way humans can.

SEO recognizes this and then helps the search engines understand the point you were trying to get across. If the search engines find this information useful and think it will help their users get the information that they are searching for, your page will rise in the search engine results pages (SERPS) towards the holy grail of top spot, first page.

So if your website is there to make you money or aims to get a message across to as many people as it can, you should and indeed need, to be bothering with SEO services.

To find out in more detail how SEO services can benefit you, visit They have a slightly different approach to SEO and their clients that you may well find both refreshing and rewarding.

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what_seo_1There’s more than one way to skin a cat, or so I’ve been told. The same applies to getting your website to the top of Google SERPS. You can choose to buy your way to the top (PPC Adwords) or work your way to the top (organic SEO).

PPC  ads on Google are the ads you see both above, to the right and sometimes below the Organic search results.

Of all the traffic coming to a Google search engine results page (SERPS), on average, 14.5% of it will click on a PPC ad. The other 85.5% will click on an organic result. That’s a big difference.

The top three positions in natural searches averaged over 35% of clicks, peaking at 42% for position one, so that alone shows the importance of an effective SEO campaign.

manage-PPCA good SEO agency will be able to help you evaluate both PPC and SEO options and look at how each or both could be used to improve your Online Marketing.

PPC has its place when you want to get instant results. Place an ad, get it approved, bid high enough and you will have instant traffic.

You need to balance this instant traffic benefit against actually making a profit. If you just want to test an approach or niche the cost can be justified whether you make a profit or not. Set a budget, plan ahead and you will have your market research information instantly.

Where you can see clear profit against the cost of advertising then you have a great business model. Just check your stats and scale up to whatever you can afford to cash flow.

A common tactic can be to start a PPC campaign to get presence and traffic in a market niche while you establish your SEO presence. The PPC is instant and the SEO tends to phase in over 1-3 months depending on your market’s competitiveness.

If you are lucky enough to have an SEO agency that covers PPC management as well as organic SEO, then hold on to them. All too often I see SEO agencies ‘bashing’ PPC as if it was some evil being.

It has its place and in some cases is the way to go forward. Recently while researching a new niche for a client we found the PPC market wide open. Nobody else advertising for a nice high search volume keyword and we were picking up clicks for 15 cents on PPC. Nice, very nice!

If you go the route of SEO campaign then your agency will start to earn its money. First job is comprehensive research of your site, your market niche, your competitors and your current SEO positioning.

They will need to look at opportunities and requirements for both on-page and off-page SEO, and you should have a strategy mapped out for you by them.  Then go through the strategy with them, but please remember they are the experts so second guessing or questioning every little tactic or action will only result in frustration on both parts.

If you go to a surgeon for an operation you know you need, you’re probably not going to spend a lot of time telling him how to do it.

And then the final result, drum roll please, will be a first page position for your chosen keywords.

So what can the right SEO agency do for you?

  • Put your website on the map
  • Turn your online investment into a profitable one
  • Allow you to focus on your business; building content, making money
  • Make the whole process a much more enjoyable one (imagine how you feel when you have someone who can turn on the traffic flow for you whenever you want)
  • Stop you pulling your hair out and going grey before your time
  • Make the tea and coffee and sweep the floors (ok went a bit too far there!)

To find out why everyone is talking about eTrafficSolutions as an SEO agency that can deliver the goods and get a taste of their renowned and refreshing client support, contact them now.

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