Some of the more elegant concepts used on were borrowed from my friend Benedict of, while my rudimentary php skills are occasionally given a boost by Chris. I upload photos to my Flickr account, often from airshows or my cameraphone.

If you want to get in touch, I’m available on AIM as thegrandmarshal. If that won’t work for you, or if I’m offline, then fire off an e-mail. I’m always happy to talk about aviation or answer any questions.

heavy machinery

a complicated system of pulleys and levers.

Aeronaut is running on (remarkably inexpensive) hosting from Dreamhost, who I am pleased to report offer prompt support and great uptime. Site content is managed and published via Dean Allen’s fantastic Textpattern. The design is my own, built in Photoshop and hand-assembled with (mostly) valid xhtml and css.

production tools

the absolute essentials.

I do all of my web development and other assorted geekery on Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger, running on a late-2004 15” PowerBook G4. I got my first Mac, an iBook, over 3 years ago (and fully ‘switched’ from homebuilt PCs about six months later) and the ride has been great. When I’m making things, I use:

  • Photoshop to make the nice looks, and
  • Coda for assembly and quality testing.

I previously used a code-upload-reload-repeat combination of TextMate, Transmit, and Safari 2 for development. Panic streamlined everything with Coda, and I highly recommend it for building sites on a Mac.