Almost done for the semester

I’m wrapping up my CFII course this week; it’s been keeping me busy for the last month. My to-do list for the next 24 hours, mostly to make sure I don’t forget anything:

  • (DONE) instrument proficiency check plan of action
  • (DONE) LP: aeromedical/human factors
  • (DONE) LP: control/performance & primary/secondary
  • (DONE) LP: timed turns
  • (DONE) LP: ASR & PAR approaches
  • (DONE) LP: light gun signals
  • (ACQUIRED) worksheets: AIM/PTS/FAR
  • (DONE) expand: circling radii
  • (DONE) expand: airspace
  • (DONE) expand: GPS alternate minimums (AIM 518)
  • (DONE) purchase: new PTS
  • (DONE) purchase: Gleim Instrument Maneuvers
  • (DONE) outline: bogus speech for Public Speaking (Comm 110)
  • (DONE) sleep: hopefully for at least six seven hours!
  • (DONE) 1100a: present Crew Resource Management video with group
  • (DONE) purchase: new WARG checklist
  • LP: SDF & LDA approaches
  • LP: weather and weather products
  • LP: any remaining PTS items
  • (DONE) print: GPS study guides
  • (DONE) print: Avidyne study guide
  • (DONE) print: NASA form and 8710-1a
  • (DONE) print: IFR advisory circulars
    • AC 60-22 Aeronautical Decision Making
    • AC 61-134 CFIT
    • AC 90-94 GPS guidelines
    • AC 91-74 flight in icing
  • (DONE) print: all updated lesson plans
  • (DONE) finalize: CFII binder

After that? It’s time for my CFII final, then two checkrides sometime in the next week or so. I’ll be sticking around in Grand Forks to finish up the last of my graduation requirements, one of which is a CRJ ground school, so I won’t get much of a summer vacation until the beginning of August.

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