Instrument Proficiency Check plan of action

This plan of action, while generic, meets the requirements of the Instrument Practical Test Standards.

Logbook endorsement

I certify that full namecertificate & number, has satisfactorily completed the instrument proficiency check of §61.57(d) in a make and model on date.

Date, signature, CFI #, exp date

  1. FAR Part 91 review
    • Subpart B (instrument flight rules)
    • Subpart C (equipment, instrument, and certificate requirements)
    • Subpart E (maintenance)
  2. Instrument enroute and approach charts
    • SID/DPs
    • STARs
  3. Weather analysis and knowledge
  4. Preflight planning
    • performance data and fuel planning
    • alternates
    • publications and NOTAMS
  5. Aircraft systems related to IFR operations
  6. Aircraft flight instruments and navigation equipment
    • technologically advanced aircraft
    • oxygen and anti- or de-icing equipment
  7. Airworthiness status of aircraft and avionics related to IFR flight
  8. Other areas, as appropriate
  1. Recovery from unusual flight attitudes
  2. VOR/DME approach (nonprecision)
    • Intercepting/tracking navaids and DME arcs
    • Missed approach
  3. Approach with loss of primary flight instruments (on final)
    • Circle to land
    • Missed approach
    • Holding
  4. Emergency operations
  5. ILS (precision)
    • Landing from a straight-in approach
  6. Postflight procedures